FARM Animal Care Version 4.0 Recommended Standards Open Commenting Period

The FARM Animal Care Program standards are revised every three years to reflect the most current science and best management practices within the dairy industry. The current standards, rationale, and accountability measures have been reviewed and revised by the FARM Technical Writing Group and National Milk Producers Federation Animal Health and Well-Being Committee. They have proposed the following items for consideration with an open public comment period on the 4th version of FARM Animal Care.

The public comment period will be open from Monday, February 25th through Sunday, March 31st.

Please visit for  more information.

There you will find outlined:

  1. Draft animal care standards for Version 4.0 of FARM Animal Care
  2. Rationale for standards
  3. Draft accountability measures if specific standards are not being met on-farm
    1. Immediate Actions: Critical priority standards; Required to be resolved immediately; if definition of neglect or willful mistreatment is met, the FARM Willful Mistreatment Protocol will be initiated
    2. Mandatory Corrective Action Plans: Primary priority level standards; Required to be resolved in 9 months or less
    3. Continuous Improvement Plans: Secondary priority level standards; Required to show improvement towards standards within 3-year time-frame or less

These standards have been proposed for FARM Animal Care Version 4.0. Currently, FARM is operating under Version 3.0 which remain in effect until they are replaced by action of the NMPF Board of Directors (“Board”). Proposed standards for Version 4.0 will be presented to the Board for its consideration and approval at its meeting in June 2019, and FARM will not operate under Version 4.0 until January 1, 2020 and approved by the Board.

This is your opportunity to submit constructive commentary related to the draft standards, rationale, and accountability measures.