Modern Technology on Dairy Farms

By Halli Poppler, Communications and Marketing Intern

Have you ever been curious about the role of technology on dairy farms? It’s pretty amazing how advanced technology on the farm has become! The dairy industry is constantly evolving, and farmers are continuing to find new and innovative ways to care for their cows and improve efficiency.

Have you ever heard of robotic milkers, cow monitors, or automatic calf feeders? These are just a few types of modern technology being used on dairy farms today! Farmers can choose to utilize these high-tech systems for various reasons, such as increasing productivity on their farm and ensuring their animals enjoy top-tier comfort while keeping them happy and healthy.

Robotic Milkers

One of the biggest technology advancements in dairy farming is the use of robotic milkers. Farmers use these automated systems to allow cows to be milked at their convenience, reducing stress and increasing the amount of milk they produce. Robotic milkers use sensors to ensure that each cow is milked properly and hygienically, and they collect data on milk production and cow health, enabling farmers to monitor their herds closely.

Cow getting milked using a robotic milker.

Robotic milkers allow cows to get milked at their convenience, improving cow comfort, reducing stress, which overall results in the cow producing more milk! Picture Credit: Lely


Cow Monitors

Did you know that some dairy farms can track a dairy cow’s activity from their phone? These cow monitors help farmers keep track of each cow’s activity throughout the day, providing valuable insights into their health, behavior, and productivity. By monitoring factors such as movement, rest, and eating patterns, farmers can ensure their cows are healthy and address any issues promptly.

Cow wearing monitor that allows farmer to track their individual activities.

Cow monitors, much like Fitbits on humans, allow farmers to keep a close eye on each individual cow and their activity, ensuring they are healthy and comfortable! Picture Credit: Adobe Stock












Automatic Calf Feeders

For the youngest members of the herd, automatic calf feeders are another piece of technology being used on farms. These feeders give calves the nutrition they need, following a schedule that’s similar to their natural feeding patterns. Farmers can use these feeders to help make sure calves get consistent and appropriate nutrition. Calves can drink whenever they’re hungry, which lets them follow their own schedule and grow into strong, healthy cows. Since a cow’s health starts from a young age, it’s important to provide calves with the right nutrition. Automatic calf feeders are one way of making sure they get just the right amount of nourishment for their healthy growth.

Calves using automatic calf feeders to drink when they feel hungry.

Calves have easy access to milk using automatic calf feeders. Calves are able to come and go as they please whenever they feel hungry! Picture Credit: Lely


Did you know that even some of First District Associations farmer-owners are starting to embrace modern technology on their farms? Innovations like robotic milkers, cow monitors, and automatic calf feeders are shaping a new part of dairy farming.

So next time you enjoy a glass of milk or a piece of cheese, remember the cutting-edge technology and the dedicated farmers that help bring these products to your table!