Who We Are

First District Association is an independent dairy cooperative that maximizes returns for its producers and employees through innovation and by providing superior quality products to a global market.

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Our Vision

First District Association (FDA) will be the preferred market of choice for dairy producers. FDA will produce high quality dairy and food products being the ultimate supplier of choice exceeding customer expectations. FDA will have a reputation for innovation, quality, production, efficiency, profitability, strong financial independence and growth.

Our Values

FDA is built on the foundation of our integrity, our people, our excellence, and our responsibilities


Consistently doing what is right

No matter the opposing pressures and temptations, we strive to do the right thing-always. By doing so we celebrate candor and work to continually develop strength, courage, assertiveness and a humble, self-confidence. It is lived through our dairy farmer owner values that demands full accountability in everything we do.



Relationships upstage transactions

Above all else, we care for each other; member owners, industry professionals, customers, employees and community. We will be empathetic to the frailties of the human condition; present to lend a hand, active in listening and quick to forgive. Our team will consistently promote self-development and support the personal health and wellness for everyone. Abiding by the rule that business is people and therefore are in the people business.



If we do it, we do it well

We do not desire to live ordinary, mediocre lives. We search for opportunities to do more and be better, repeatedly holding ourselves to a high standard – never making excuses. We commit to the relentless pursuit of extraordinary accomplishments through a culture of continuous improvement.



We act as Owners

As a grassroots member owned cooperative, enhancing our business and the lives of our stakeholders is our initiative. We understand the importance of our individual contributions and willingly stand behind our work and member owners.


Our History

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First District Association
Board of Directors

Josh Barka

Paul Swenson
Vice Chairman

Steve Groetsch

Kindra Carlson

Joe Becker

Jeff Beckman

Amanda Hartung

James Leroux

Ashley Nietfeld

FDA Management
Meet Our Team

Bob Huffman
President & CEO

Glenn Kaping
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Williams-Cox
Director of Human Resources

Shane Dill
Vice President of Operations

Patti Schaefer
Director of Milk Marketing & Member Services

Blake Tangen
Director of Supply Chain