We Care

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our mission at First District Association is to create a sustainable market for dairy products and allow family farms to prosper in the time honored Midwest dairy traditions.

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Farmers Assuring Responsible Management Program

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How do we support our community?

How small is our footprint?

12.6% reduction of (kWh) per CWT of milk processed in the last 10 years

168 million gallons of cow water are recycled in our processing plants annually

27,000 estimated pounds recycled in 2016

Replaced Exterior Lighting with LED. Direct energy reduction of 2,483 KWh, reducing our carbon footprint by 3,847 KWh annually

18.8% reduction of natural gas (Mcf) per CWT of milk processed in the last 10 years

In 2016, a water redirection project was completed to reduce our well water usage by approximately 6.3 million gallons annually.